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Skyline Electrical Supply

Skyline Electrical Supply Company is your one stop shop for all of the electrical supplies, electricians tools, and electrical equipment you need for any electrical job. If it needs electricity, Skyline can help.

Customers come first at Skyline. Here, you’ll know who you’re talking to, and our years of experience in the industry can help you find the solutions you need, every time.

Specialty Items

From line material to light bulbs, from breakers to ballasts, we have the specialty electrical supply items you’re looking for. We stock and order hard-to-find parts that only we can provide at such low cost, with Skyline’s great service. You can find these items in other places, but you can’t find them all in one place, with a dedicated team to make your order work for you.

Line Cards

No matter what product you need, you can trust the brands we carry. The biggest, most well respected names in the electrical supply business are our partners, and we proudly display the lines we choose to sell. The value in that choice goes straight to you, our customer, knowing that you’ll find the best prices and the highest quality in electrical equipment, every time you buy from Skyline Electrical Supply.

Electrical Supply

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  • HG 209 5/16


  • QO220


  • HOM225


  • QO240


  • PG57N


  • P093 CLEVIS


  • THQL1130


  • TQD 22200WL


  • HG 212 1/2


  • CH2100


  • CH230


  • PG46N